In the opening of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, the first shot appears to be four minutes long. It tracks Bond through the crowds of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico, into a hotel, into a bedroom, out the window and along the rooftops until he gets sees his target in gun-sights.

Even with a fraction of the Bond budget, the walking and talking tracking shot is a great way to give momentum to an interview or a statement to camera. Spectre’s director, Sam Menzies, had to plan his shot carefully using stedicam, track and jib – but (roughly!) the same effect can be seen in a corporate video using some really neat gadgets.

Our example is filmed on a GoPro Hero 4, with a little help from a device that ensure the camera is kept steady at all times.  Walking and talking can be a difficult technique to master and there will always be plenty of outtakes as the cameraman needs to walk backwards to achieve this. (In a live broadcast, one cameraman I know knocked over a glass cabinet containing china while the reporter was walking and talking.)

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