Training employees up to the right level has always been a challenge for businesses, particularly smaller ones and those that traditionally have high turnover of staff. Training can be an expensive undertaking and reducing the costs by limiting access to it is generally counterproductive.

But how do you balance the need to keep your staff updated and on message while also controlling the costs?

One solution is to create video content for training that employees can access as and when they need to in order to build their skills and knowledge.

The Benefits of Training Videos

  • Training videos reduce the amount you need to organise and pay for. For example, you don’t have to put aside a specific time and get everyone in for a training session, something which can impact on productivity. Nor do you need to hire staff to deliver the training session which can be expensive if you have to do it regularly.
  • Staff can access the information they need at their own pace. Over time you can build up a whole catalogue of useful training videos. You won’t have managers using their time to provide impromptu training sessions when a new member of staff needs to learn something quickly. They can simply be directed to the appropriate video.
  • When it comes to training videos, budget wise you’re simply concerned with the initial investment. Money that you save on not hiring people to deliver sessions to your staff can then be better used elsewhere.
  • It provides a way for your employees to engage in independent learning. They don’t have to wait until the next course is available and it encourages those who want to improve their performance to do it now and not in two or three weeks’ time.

Training videos don’t just apply to employees. It can be of great benefit to your customers. Perhaps you offer a software solution and your customers need how-to snippets to help them use it more efficiently. This kind of training video means that don’t have to invest in so much telephone support.

Creating the Right Video Training

High turnover rates with staff can be a problem nowadays, especially for those who work in certain industries. That means you often spend more and more of your time trying to bring new employees up to speed. Getting the basic training modules down on video releases up this time and stops senior staff from having to go through the same repetitive process each time a new person starts work.

Video is a great business tool because it can be downloaded onto the website and accessed immediately. More and more of us nowadays use our mobile phones to find content – your employees could download videos while on their way to the office or during their work break if they’re looking for certain support.

The key, of course, is getting the right structure and content together for your video training. That often means starting with the basics, the things that everyone needs to know. You can then build on top of that to offer more focused content for niche areas. Not only is it a great way to keep your staff informed and trained up to the proper standards, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.