Video is an excellent, flexible tool for marketing your business that delivers a strong ROI. It allows you to get information across in a concise and entertaining manner and engage people more deeply. With the right strategy, you should expect it to be the most profitable channel for getting your message out there.

Video isn’t just for your external market, however. There may be occasions when you want to communicate with your staff. Perhaps you want to get your vision across or onboard new employees with specific information about your company. Maybe you’d like to produce regular motivational videos that instantly boost productivity.

This is where the company culture video comes in. It’s a great way to show the people who work for you how their efforts are helping the business move forward and what they can do next.

Here are our top tips for creating a great company culture video that really hits the mark and gets staff energised:

  1. Outlining the Future

To get people engaged in your company culture, you need to be heading somewhere that everyone wants to go. You’ll have certain goals and these need to spark enthusiasm, getting everyone pulling in the same direction.

Your video could start with where you are now and where you want to be in a few months or even a few years’ time. Make this positive and your staff will have a clear idea what you are trying to achieve. It’s a powerful way to motivate people and a great place to start when you are planning your video.

  1. Finding Inspiration

There may be any number of people in your company who are inspirational. There may be just a few. It could be a talented manager or a member of staff who always gives their all, and unsung hero or a shining beacon of light. People are generally motivated when they can relate to these types of individual and including them in your video is essential.

Adding stories into your company culture video is relatively easy. Staff can see the successes and the kind of approach that adds value and, more importantly, they can see themselves doing the same.

  1. Achieving Clarity

Your company culture video really does need to be focused around your goals and what you want to achieve. Try to steer clear of slogans and quoting inspirational leaders no one has ever heard of and which have little to do with your company. While these look great on paper, they can appear contrived and even meaningless. The last thing that you want is for your audience to tune out and not feel motivated.

Let leaders or other staff talk in their own words but ensure that interviews and soundbites are directly related to your goals and what you want to achieve as a company. Being brief and staying honest with what you say will have a much more profound effect that trying to wax lyrical.

  1. Always End Strongly

Assuming you’ve done your job properly and the audience gets to the end of your company culture video unscathed, you need to make sure that you end with a fanfare. This is where you reinforce your goals and the things you really what you want staff to achieve. It’s a rallying cry that takes you all into the next few months with more motivation and gusto than before.

Culture videos can be really useful tools for getting everyone on board, but they do require a good deal of thought and effort in production. Done well, however, they are a useful motivational resource likely to stand the test of time.