Corporate Video Production

We’ll use our vast production experience and technical expertise to tell your story. We’ll make the minimum of fuss, giving you our greatest effort to create the maximum impact for you.

How much does a corporate video cost?

Tallboy’s MD explains what is involved when pricing a video production.

Matching creativity to the client

Each video we produce is unique and tailored specifically, the end result will be intelligent, creative and exclusive to you.

Motion Graphics

Move it, squeeze it, throw it, grow it – motion graphics gives you the power and impact to bring your message to life

Corporate Video Production

Produce It!

At Tallboy, we’ll use our vast production experience and technical expertise to tell your story. We’ll make the minimum of fuss, giving you our greatest effort to create the maximum impact for you. We believe each video we produce is unique to you – we’ll deliver a creative, intelligent product, effectively.

Find out more about our Video Production Process.

Production Facilities

Make It!

If you want it filmed, we can film it. From time-lapse to sweeping views, from beautifully lit interviews to hand held sound bites, we have both the technology and the expertise. Our technical crews bring their experience and their creativity to bring your corporate video to life.

 Find out more about our Camera Crews and Production Facilities.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Move It!

Move it, squeeze it, throw it, grow it – motion graphics gives you the power to bring your logo or text to life and really make your corporate video memorable. At Tallboy, we can create a 2D or 3D sequence that will add impact and power to your message.

Find out more about our Animation and Motion Graphics Video Production Services.

Video Communications Strategy

Tell It!

Your corporate video should both complement and enhance your overall communications strategy. At Tallboy, we can help to ensure your video will reach a wider audience; we’ll work with you to simplify the message you want the world to hear so your video augments and increases your brand recognition.

Find out more about our Video Communications Strategy.

Video Marketing & Distribution

Share It!

There is no point having a wonderful video if no one sees it – don’t leave it in video purgatory. At Tallboy, we’ll work with you to find the right platform and help you to use the analytics to reach the maximum possible audience.

Find out more about our Video Marketing Services.

Trusted, intelligent film makers

We’re Intelligent!

Trust Tallboy to make you an intelligent film. From crafting your message and bringing it to life with interviews and motions graphics; from filming with your teams to getting it seen by the maximum number of people, trust Tallboy.

Find out more about our film and video production services.

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Corporate Video Production

Telling your story – intelligently, effectively and creatively.

Tallboy is a highly experienced video production company specialising in creating your video that delivers your message in the best way possible. Our talented team is committed to turning your story into a highly polished video that captures the attention of the audience and ensures your message is heard.

Working to your brief and within your budget, Tallboy will be you with every step of the way. From identifying your story to bringing it to life on screen, our expertise will ensure your video will stand out.

We’ll think creatively and advise you on the best type of video for you – whether its motion graphics, narrative or simply straight to camera.

Using our decades of filmmaking experience, we’ve successfully created high quality corporate videos and films for a broad spectrum of industry and business sectors. Our clients range from small businesses to major corporations and include government departments, educational establishments and charities.

We start at the beginning:

  • We listen to your story and appreciate who your intended audience is
  • We ask questions to ensure we really understand your DNA
  • We walk with you through the entire pre-production process
  • We welcome you at the shoot and if necessary, coach the interviewees to ensure the best possible performance
  • We schedule ample review time during the post-production process
  • We advise on the best format for your video to maximise viewings

We deliver: intelligently, effectively and creatively

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“Tallboy have been an exceptional company to work for. Their professionalism, creativity, communication and final product exceeded all expectations! Thanks!”

Kayla Morgan

Campaigns Officer | Policy and Campaigns | RCGP

“We chose Tallboy because they listened to what we wanted, offered specialist knowledge and added value. We’ve been extremely happy with the end result!””

Crawford Knott

Commercial Director | Hawk Training

“Having challenged Tallboy with our video requirements not only on cost but especially the time frame we required it in, I am pleased to say they rose to the challenge with a finished piece that exceeded even our high expectations. They were great to work with and the response from our customers as well as partners overseas, has been simply superb”

David Stephens

Managing Director | AWL (Advantage World Wide)

“They are a professional organisation that have delivered well, on time, and in budget. And all in a pragmatic, practical and customer-focused manner. I would recommend them to any business looking for a reliable and creative audio-visual partner.”

Colin Paterson

Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations | Retroscreen Virology

“We gave Tallboy a challenging brief, and a limited budget, but they certainly rose to it. The DVD has been extremely well received and managed to capture all of our messages in a lively and engaging way. The team are unflappable, even in the face of the inevitable last-minute changes that were required. Many thanks to all.”

Lizzie Lockett

Head of Communications | Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

“We are so pleased with the wonderful videos you have produced for us. Thank you so much for the time, effort and hard work you put into the project – it was a long one and we got there in the end! We are thrilled with the final results and can’t wait to start using them.”

First Penthouse Team

Very inspiring and engaging with loads of warranted respect . There are so many things that we have never thought about and many we just need to put into better practice.

Sarah Lim

Area Manager, Wagamama