The use of video technology in the business world is now a well established means of showcasing an organisation’s products and services, publicising its corporate culture and identifying the members of its staff team. Video production is equally effective within the financial sector, where it can be employed in a variety of ways, and, in this article, we set out some of the most popular uses of the technology in that particular commercial context.

Staff Training

When a finance company provides induction and ongoing training to its members it is essential that the same message is delivered to each of them. The best means of ensuring that this happens is by the use of video technology. One trainer, presenting a professionally produced video training session, can reach the entire staff team without the expense of travelling to their individual places of work. As well as ensuring that everyone receives identical messages, it also represents a considerable saving in the time and cost needed to deliver a training session, particularly for larger financial concerns. It is possible to provide staff training either through pre-recorded productions or through live video, where the trainer and the trainees are able to interact throughout the training session.

Promotional Videos

Video technology is equally effective in promoting financial services. Because of the nature of the business, those working in the financial sector are more likely to be trusted if they can be seen and heard by prospective clients and video production makes this possible, with the added facility to reach a large audience. Once again, this type of video production can be either recorded or live and interactive.

Major Corporate Events

When a financial organisation wishes to mark a major event, such as the opening of a new branch, a party to celebrate the retirement of one of its senior members of staff or a function to introduce a new senior partner or CEO, a video recording is the ideal way of doing so. In this way, the event is preserved in the memory of those who attended and the video recording is also available for viewing by those who were unable to be present personally.

New Product Launches

One of the most exciting events in the life of a financial organisation is the launch of a new product or service. Video production is an ideal means of publicising the launch to the existing clients of the company and those potential clients that have been targeted for their future business. A well presented, video recorded product launch can detail the benefits of the new product or service in a manner that cannot be replicated in mail, email or static website presentations.

Trade Shows

Marketing a financial business at a trade show, where its services can be compared to those of its peers, is an integral part of the process of securing future business. A video recording of the show will make it possible to get this information out to a wider audience than those who are able to attend in person and can form an invaluable part of the marketing of an organisation in the financial sector.

Video production for the financial sector is already playing a positive role in all of the areas outlined above. Improving technology and a greater awareness of the benefits of recorded and live video are likely to further enhance this in the future.