The central theme of any marketing campaign is to reach out to potential customers and engage with them through meaningful content. Opportunities for businesses have broadened in recent years with better access to technology and cheaper, online marketing solutions. One area that is fast developing is content video marketing.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Any marketing professional knows that visual content has a special resonance with people.

  • A viewer will statistically stay watching a video longer than they will reading a piece of text.
  • Almost two thirds of business to business buyers will include looking for video content when they do their research.
  • Those who get their information from video are much likelier to buy. It’s that simple.

If you can reach out to your customers with great, engaging video content, therefore, you should reasonably expect to see an increase in sales.

Your Video Content Must Have Purpose

There is one big caveat to the success of video as a marketing medium. It needs to be good. That requires your business to have a clear idea of what it wants to achieve. How are you going to produce consistently good video content with the budget you have? How are you going to get your message across and what platforms are you likely to have success with?

As with any marketing plan, a scattergun approach isn’t going to work. You want your video content to strengthen the marketing funnel – the route that customers take to buying your product or hiring your service over your nearest competitors.

Types of Video Content

The good news is that there is a range of different content that you can produce for each part of the sales process. These include:

  • Creating awareness: This can be as simple as a traditional ad that introduces your brand. It can also include documentary style videos and inspirational content. Here you are looking to amaze your customers, appeal to them and answer the questions they’ve long wanted answers to.
  • Helping them choose your product: Once you’ve got a customer interested in your product, you want to convince them to go that step further. How about a few case studies showing how customers just like them have benefited from your product in the past? What about a list of frequently asked questions with answers from your own, enthusiastic support team?
  • Support after buying: Video content marketing doesn’t just help with bringing customers in. It can also help provide them with interesting and relevant information once they’ve bought your product. This kind of engagement will ensure they come back to you again once they decide to buy something new.

There are plenty of diverse ways you can present your content. You can post it on your website to make your brand more dynamic. You can send it to your mailing list via email. You can also post it on your social media timelines and get your fans and followers to share.

The key to success with video content marketing is having the right strategy in place to begin with and paying special attention to your production values. Customers expect professional looking content nowadays and you’ll need to find the right creative approach which matches your brand.

Once you have your video content marketing plan in place, it is important to stick to your guns and ensure that each stage of the process is covered. Get it right and you should expect a good return on investment and better sales across the board.