Ask any marketer what you should be focusing on at the moment, and the first thing they will likely say is video.  Social media sites love it, search engines often recommend it and people watch a lot of it.  But that’s not to say that just creating a video will guarantee success – you need to avoid common video marketing mistakes to get the most from your content.

So, what are the big video marketing mistakes to avoid?

Not having a clear focus

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with video is just creating some random content and assuming people will lap it up.  Video content with no clear focus or an objective in mind isn’t going to stand out to people.  It is important to ask yourself what is the benefit for the viewer – why would they bother to watch it?  By having a clear reason and benefit for them, your content is more likely to be successful.

Not looking at metrics

There’s no shortage of analytics information available for video but another of the biggest mistakes that people make is not using it.  Or using it incorrectly.  For example, video views are interesting but don’t look at engagement levels which are far more relevant.  And they mean different things on different platforms – Facebook counts a view after three seconds, but YouTube counts a view after 30 seconds.

Engagement metrics also help you to see what is working and what isn’t.  You can look at likes, shares, comments and other stats to see if a video is worth transforming into a video ad with some money behind it.  Or if you need to reassess the approach for the next one.

Making the wrong length video

While it is tempting to make mini-documentaries for your marketing and ensure you offer in-depth content as you would with a long-form blog post, figures show this doesn’t always work.  In fact, one study found that the play rate for videos drops off dramatically once they exceed two minutes.

This doesn’t mean all video content has to be short, but it does mean that you should try different approaches.  Some shorter, some longer content can work and for the longer stuff, make sure you quickly give people a reason to stick around.

Not using a call to action

So, your viewer watches your content, engages with it and enjoys it then it finishes.  They look around, shrug and leave the site.  That’s because you didn’t have a Call to Action – a prompt for the next step you want them to take.  That might be ‘click here to subscribe’ or it might be an opt-in freebie you want to exchange for their email address.  It might even be to share with their friends.  Not having a CTA is a big mistake for video or any other content.

Expecting instant results

The final mistake is expecting sudden, dramatic results from your video content.  Sure, something might go viral and send a flood of traffic, subscribers or even customers.  But you can’t bank on it, just like with other content.  The key is to be realistic in your expectations and keep monitoring the progress that the video is making. To discuss your video strategy contact Tallboy today to make a video that engages where it should and avoid any costly video mistakes.