Many businesses are now adding video to their marketing content. It’s widely seen as one of the best strategies to engage an audience, generate leads and aid in conversations. While short videos (1-2 minutes in duration) should help you stand out on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, long format videos (5 -10 minutes) are also proving useful to businesses of all sizes.

Long videos give you the opportunity to tell a more detailed story and engage potential customers in a different way. And they can make a real difference to your marketing.

Videos to Binge On

We’ve fallen in love with binge-watching in recent years, thanks to Netflix, and many of us like nothing more than settling down with the latest box set. Businesses and marketing companies have taken this on board and are now starting to produce film style content that consumers want to watch. Longer videos let companies tell better stories and better stories help highlight brand goals and increase visibility and loyalty.

Shorter direct marketing videos all have their place, but marketers are realising the power than a longer video story can have including building up an episodic range of content for their users watch at a time of their choosing. Longer videos, when done right, can connect with your audience in a much deeper way than short marketing videos can. They could be engaging in a range of ‘how to’ videos, following the story of an individual that they care about, or learning something new.

Creative content has always been at the forefront of driving engagement for a brand, and longer videos can release a lot of the imagination that can’t be contained in a 1-2-minute short video. Showcasing brand values and engaging with an audience on a much deeper level and it will help cut through the noise online and make your brand shine.

This kind of video content, if it really hits the mark, is likely to be shared a lot more than other types of content. It’s also a great way to build an interesting and dynamic brand story that works for you for years to come.

4 Tips for Creating Long Format Videos

Thinking about long format videos and actually producing the right content that makes a big splash online are two separate things. Long-form video doesn’t just belong to the big corporations that have massive advertising budgets, however, with a little ingenuity you can make it work for your smaller business or start-up.

Here are our top tips if you are an SME and considering creating longer videos:

  1. You can achieve much on a fairly strict budget. What you need in place is a compelling story that really hits the sweet spot for your audience. The more time you take over this, the better the outcomes should be.
  2. Ask yourself what most matters to your consumers and how your business fits the picture. Concentrate too on the different ways you can present this in an entertaining manner.
  3. Understand what your budget allows and how you can achieve your aims. In any project of this type, there is often a trade-off between what you want and what is actually possible.
  4. Work with a professional video production team who can guide you through the whole process from brainstorming ideas and script creation to the filming and post-production.

There’s no doubt that long-form video can be a challenge, but with the right advice from a video expert, it has the ability to deliver an excellent return on investment and real value to your customers. With the right story and the right approach, you can produce content that will work for your business whether you are a large corporation or smaller enterprise and do so for some time to come.