Tallboy – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes on a corporate video shoot

It’s shoot day, and I want to give you a behind the scenes look at one our shoots. Watch the video below and travel with me into central London and meet the crew and take a look at processes we go through on each shoot. Preparation is the key to success.

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Recycling video content

I am a big believer in recycling. The same comes to video; I am amazed by how businesses spend lots of money on video and never think to reuse the footage or content.

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Leaving the year behind

Tallboy is looking forward to 2017 – it’s the year of the Rooster. In Chinese mythology, roosters are more motivated than any other animals in the Chinese zodiac, and we see a lot of similarity with Tallboy.

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Breaking bed

The ideal attributes for a cameraman include strength (to carry the gear), a strong visual sense (to frame that perfect shot), a sense of humour (to see you through the long days) and stamina (see previous point).

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The sun, the city and Simon

Tallboy’s MD Simon Banks has recently written a book. Called “How to Get Video Right”, the book is intended to as a guide to making video a key part of communications strategy.

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Sunny, bright GPs

This week, Tallboy’s video commissioned by the Royal College of GPs went live. To celebrate the project, we were going to give you lots of facts about the videos, such as miles travelled, the amount of footage shot, total fast-food calories consumed. But we realised, because we were busy filming, no one had kept a detailed account. So rather than make it up, we made a video instead to show our sunny forecast for... read more

Pirate Copy

Tallboy doesn’t often follow the crowd. However, we were not just happy but felt privileged to follow in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow on a recent trip to St Vincent.

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Tallboy On The Tin Line

Join Sally Eden, Ryan Say, Mike Hodder and Sacha Banks behind the scenes on Tallboy job number 1215 and see what really goes on as we film Life on the Tin Line.

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Video Mindset

Taking a tip from Scalextric, the simplicity concept works best in video. Flashy effects and big budgets aren’t necessarily required when there’s a strong story and engaging content for the audience. So, take a look at our video, it’s child’s play.

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Behind the scenes studio shoot

Recently we went to a studio to film a 12 episode business coaching web series. It was an especially challenging video shoot but thanks to our great team we have managed to come out the other side with a great series of corporate videos. Here is a sneak peek behind the... read more

Behind the scenes – Mercedes Benz World Video

Production diary, behind the scenes shoot day at Mercedes Benz World by Ryan Al Bishri.
We started the day early at Tallboy HQ (6.30am), where we gathered the gear and briefed the team on the weather forecast. Which was not good.

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Behind the camera

A year in the life of a Tallboy crew – a photo montage plus some fun facts. Fun facts for Tallboy productions over the last year: 68 shoots Employed over 50 freelancer production staff Camera people, producers, directors, sound recordists, production assistants, hair and make-up artists, actors, drivers, voice-over artists motion graphics and editors Produced over 200 videos for clients Over ten terabytes of data, it would take us six months to upload all this data to YouTube All equated to one of Tallboy’s busiest years ever. Thank... read more

A piece of cake

There’s a great revival in cake making going on. Mary Berry, Sam Cam with her surf cake, and Hummingbird Bakeries springing up everywhere. So now it’s Tallboys turn. Mary Berry puts a great deal of emphasis on the layers of a cake – the different flavors and textures that come together to make a delicious, sweet treat. But move over Bake Off people, there’s a new kid in town. Tallboy’s production manager Kasey has the same skills as the bakers. Like a cake, she works with the team to put together the layers of a video – the planning, the shooting, the editing and finally the finishing flourishes. And like all good contestants, Tallboy’s showstoppers are... read more

Piecing your story together

Your story is multi-faceted. Yes, there is a beginning and probably an end – but how you start and when you finish is just one aspect of the story. Who’s going to listen to your tale? What sort of language will you use that really gets the essence of what you are trying to say across? At Tallboy, we’re skilled in constructing your story in a corporate video to get your message across. We build it piece by piece – like a game of Jenga. Tallboy’s Simon and Ryan explain... read more