The iPhone has an amazing video camera, especially the new iPhone 6, but just clicking record may not produce a high-quality image. Using a tripod and planning for lighting and audio can make a huge difference. Here are Tallboy’s tips for shooting better-looking video using an iPhone.

  • Don’t shoot vertical video. Turn the phone horizontally (landscape)
  • Use a tripod when ever possible, there are plenty of cheap adaptors you can use to fit your existing tripod
  • Don’t use the zoom function, it will only pixelate the image
  • Use lighting to improve the image quality
  • Remember to focus and set exposure (new feature on the camera app)
  • Don’t use the camera mic if recording an interview, buy a microphone which will plug into the phone
  • Learn how to use the editing apps available for the phone so you can create your story
To see the potential of the iPhone please check out this great video from the team at Wistia.

Please contact the Tallboy team if you have any questions on video production or shooting a video for you business.