Day 16 of my video challenge and each Sunday of this month, I am doing a book review. Today’s book review is ‘OverSubscribed’ by Daniel Priestley, and in this video, I am concentrating on the numbers 7,11,4 mentioned in the book and how understanding these can grow your business. I had the privilege of catching up with Daniel on Friday at one of his ‘Dent’ events in London, and I asked him why having multiple touchpoints, content and channels to reach your audience works.

“If you think about the human brain and the way it evolved, it evolved to figure out who in the tribe is a friend, and who in the tribe is potentially a threat. And the way the brain evolved, according to the research, is that the more time we spend together, the more interactions that we have, and the more locations we’ve been together, it’s more likely that you’re part of my tribe and you’re a friend” – Daniel Priestley

The first number, seven. Do you have seven hours of content that someone, if they Googled you, would find seven hours of content they could just gorge on? For example, it could be video. Do you have lots of videos on YouTube? Do you have a book that someone can download and read the book? Do you do a daily, or weekly, or monthly blogs that people can look at? Do you do a weekly or monthly podcast? And what about doing webinars that someone can find and then watch an hour of content as you go through a particular subject?

Then there are the 11 touch points. So this is where someone can visit your website so they can read your blog. Or your Facebook channel and there’ll be a whole lot of videos or posts that they can read. Do have a weekly podcast that they can subscribe. An email list you can send daily or a monthly email newsletter. Or can you host put an event every 90 days?

Then there are the four channels that people can experience you on. So that could be online. So it could be your website (blogs, articles, videos), social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), what about hosting a monthly webinar. Email is another channel to reach your audience. Offline it could be a physical book you have written. Or it could be an event or a workshop where people can come and see you speak.

The idea is that having all these assets in place, people will find you, and it’s all part of the journey how they get to know you, like you and trust you. And eventually, they will buy from you. What assets do you have? How many 7, 11, 4’s do you have?