While it may be the biggest video sharing site on the planet, there are plenty of options other than YouTube. If you’re hoping to reach a much wider audience and make the most of your marketing, keeping this in mind is definitely a key to success.

The great thing about video is that it is generally shared more than any other content. Create something that is highly engaging and catches the imagination and you can soon find it reaching a whole new audience.

Here are just some of the alternatives to YouTube you might like to consider:

  1. Daily Motion

Probably the second most well-known video sharing site with well over a hundred million active users. You won’t find much difference from YouTube here and, if you’re used to uploading videos there, it should be a breeze on Daily Motion. Uploading is free though you may have to sign up for a Motion Maker account if you want to put up very long videos over 60 minutes or more.

  1. Vimeo

The site has a very attractive interface and offers a free account which allows you to upload 500MB of content every week. If you need to do more than this you’ll have to pay and if you have large amounts of video content it can prove a little expensive for those on a limited budget. The site tends to attract the more serious video creatives on the planet so one thing you’ll need to consider is how your content fits in here and what kind of quality you want to produce.

  1. Vube

It’s only been around a few years but is already full of great user generated content. Known for being quite aggressive when it comes to marketing, this could be one video sharing site to keep an eye on as it begins to eat into the sector and get more of a share. You’ll have all the tools you need and expect and uploading is free and easy to do. The only problem is that the site keeps crashing at the moment, something which hopefully will be resolved soon.

  1. Flickr

You may think of it as simply a photo sharing site but Flickr also takes video and each account comes with a large 1Tb of storage. It doesn’t have all the features you get with YouTube and Daily Motion but if you can build a community and get shares it’s a great, inexpensive option for posting content and building brand awareness to a whole new audience.

  1. Veoh

While it falls down on search to a certain extent, Veoh is becoming increasingly popular though it’s unlikely to reach the heady heights of YouTube. Uploading is free and easy to do and there are plenty of social tools that allow you to reach out to new potential customers.

  1. Metacafe

You may not have heard of it but Metacafe has been around since the early noughties and boasts over 40 million users. Videos are well categorised and range from music and dance to travel, science and sports so there are plenty of options for marketers. The interface is fairly similar to YouTube and it’s very easy to use and upload videos.

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