If you want to entertain your audience of fans and followers and engage them enough to buy your product or hire your service, there’s no better way to do it than through using video.

We consume a lot of video content on our smartphones and tablets which includes everything from films and viral content to brand entertainment. But what type of video should you actually be using for your next business video series?

Here we take a look at five different options.

  1. Interviews and Testimonials

Perhaps the simplest kind of video to make for your business is the traditional interview or testimonial. This could, for example, be the boss talking about the company and what they are trying to deliver. It could also be a happy customer who wants to tell the world about how great your product is.

These are powerful kinds of video and they can be made using a simple head and shoulders shot for very little production cost. If you’re looking for great ROI, then this should be top of your list.

  1. Documentary

This type of video may make some business owners a little nervous. Yes, they take a lot of work and planning and will cost a fair amount to develop. If you have something important to say about your business and its connection to your audience, however, documentary videos are also pretty powerful.

You might even want to produce a documentary series, perhaps following certain characters in your business as they take on daily challenges. Okay, it’s not for everyone but what you can expect from this type of longer content is longevity, shareability and a decent ROI. The documentary can also be repurposed to provide different types of content simply because you have a large amount of footage.

  1. Product Reviews

A more traditional approach for businesses, especially those on limited budgets, is to go for product reviews. These are highly popular and watchable online, and you’ll find many of them on sites like YouTube.

If you have good production values and provide vital information for your audience, this is also the type of content that gets shared quite widely. You can also put product how-to guides in here which are also very popular.

  1. Creating a Drama

If you really want to take your storytelling and marketing to the next level, you might want to contemplate a drama. This is being used quite widely by larger corporations and even some smaller companies are taking the plunge into serious film making. It provides a way of engaging much more deeply with your audience for a start.

As with documentaries, the big challenge is that it takes time and plenty of effort, particularly to build a good script, employ actors, promote the drama and get the whole thing out there in front of the unsuspecting world. This may be one for when your company has grown to be very successful, but it is worth thinking about and seeing if you can do on a smaller scale.

  1. Travel Videos

If you move around with your business, building a portfolio of travelogues might add a new dimension to your video content. For example, perhaps your business is attending a conference or event abroad. Getting your team to video more than just this event and include the surrounding tourist attractions might well generate more engagement with your customers.

Smartphone cameras have a great capacity for delivering quality footage so it’s also a good idea to keep taking videos as you move around and go about your daily business. You don’t know when a particular clip might come in handy!

The team at Tallboy are not only experts in creating corporate and brand videos but also can advise and consult on the strategy behind it. Talk to the team today to discuss how a video series could work for your brand or organisation.