Done well, video content should form an important part of your business marketing strategy. Sites like YouTube have billions of users and there’s a huge potential audience to tap into. Video is versatile and can be shared on other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a medium that allows you to get across a large amount of information about your product or service in a way that customers find engaging.

It’s not enough to simply make a video, post it online and hope for the best. If you’re not getting many views and your efforts seem to have been wasted, there can be several reasons for this.

Here are the five most common reasons why no one is currently watching:

  1. It’s Too Long

There’s evidence to suggest that our attention spans are getting shorter. Irrespective of this, the truth is many businesses create marketing content that is far too long. Your video should be no more than two minutes in length. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that under a minute works best.

  1. It’s Poor Quality

We have high expectations nowadays – improvements across the digital world and fast streaming times means we’re used to getting HD, high quality content when we want. If you’re video has a low resolution, or is badly filmed and edited, it’s much less likely to resonate with potential customers. Users make up their mind if they’re going to watch a particular video in the first few seconds and they’re not going to waste their time with substandard production.

  1. It’s Too Salesy

Not only are expectations higher but we’re also savvier when it comes to advertising. We know when we’re being sold to and if your video content is too promotionally focused it can turn people off. The videos that are most shared are the ones which give potential customers something useful.

  1. It’s Not Distributed

Another thing businesses get wrong is that they don’t give their potential customers a chance to see the video in the first place. They might simply post it on their own website and then have to depend on traffic reaching them directly. They might just opt for YouTube or another video sharing site without considering Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site that allows video content. The other mistake is that the video is not optimised so that it can be found on search engines like Google.

  1. It’s Not Engaging

Over 300 hours of content are being uploaded to a site like YouTube every 30 seconds. How are you going to stand out and get noticed? That’s your challenge.

The key to real success with video content is that it needs to engage the viewer. Not only do you want them to be so engrossed in your mini-film that they get to the punchline at the end, what you really, really want them to do is share their experience. This is the real power of video because it tends to get shared more than any other content.

For this to happen it has to be interesting. So interesting, in fact, that a viewer will want to embed it on their blog or website or post a link in social media for their friends and family.

Once you crack the holy grail of engagement, your video can end up being watched and appreciated by thousands, in some cases even millions.