These days everyone has a website, so competition is fierce. How can you make your website stand out from all the others? Adding a great video will increase the value of your site, make it interesting and more engaging to visitors and hopefully increase your sales as a result.

TallBoy have been helping businesses create and effectively distribute great video content for years and we know that businesses use videos for many reasons.

Here are just a few reasons to create a video:

  1. Advertise your location.

This will mean different things to different businesses. For a hotel, restaurant or tourist location, advertising the property and surrounding area will have obvious benefits. For other companies it could have a more subtle value, for example showing that a business is based in the UK to attract UK customers. A video showing the location is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also liven up the website. For those trying to really stand out, using a drone to get seamless footage will significantly increase the production value and wow your customers.

  1. Showcase your product.

Sometimes simple photos of a product won’t quite suffice and this is one opportunity where a video can really make a different. Online fashion stores, for example, are increasingly using short videos of their garments on models so that the customer can see them in a much more realistic way. It covers all angles, shows the way the item of clothing sits on the body and the way it moves as they walk. This would work for just about any product.

  1. Showcase your service.

For businesses that offer specific services, videos are extremely useful to show the client what is involved in the service and the final result. For beauty salons, for example, the client can see the process of a treatment and a realistic example of the final result. This gives them confidence to invest in the service over other competition.

  1. Introduce you team.

No matter what your business might be, introducing your team will inspire confidence in any client or customer. It doesn’t need to be too complicated and a simple video showing the people and explaining what they do shows the business to be open and honest. It could be a short, silent video with captions detailing who everyone is and what they do. The fact that you are comfortable showing the team will make your website and your company stand out.

  1. A how-to video

This option might not apply to every business, but for some it can be very successful. Offering advice for free is a great way to inspire loyalty in your customers and will keep traffic coming back to your website. A hardware store, for example, could provide short how-to videos on simple DIY tasks. A hairdresser salon could create a short video explaining how to French braid hair. DIY videos are extremely popular as they deliver helpful information in an easily digestible way. If you can create a series of videos you’ll have numerous subscriptions to your website in no time. All you need to do is translate those subscribers into sales.

Once you have decided why you want to make a business video then contact TallBoy to not just help you create it but also distribute it across the most relevant channels for your business and target the audience that will produce results for you.