2019 Strategies for Your Video Content

2019 Strategies for Your Video Content

We’re avidly consuming video content more than we’ve ever done before. Whether it’s sitting on the sofa with our smartphones, out on our daily commute or at the local café with friends, it’s easy to download and view a whole host of content on demand.

This trend has not been ignored by marketing companies and businesses, as you might expect. Video is now seen as a very important marketing tool that delivers a strong ROI and has longevity. In short, customers are more likely to watch an engaging video all the way through than they are to read a block of text. They’re also more likely to share it.

But what do you need to do to get it right? Here’s our take on two important elements you need to focus on if you want your video content to stand out in 2019.

  1. Storytelling is Key

We are hard-wired to respond to stories. We love them. That’s why we read books, go to the cinema and binge box sets on our TVs. You need to understand your audience if you are going to tell them a story that resonates and creates an emotional response. The key is to get your audience to react. Make them laugh or cry, angry or happy. Do that and you’re heading for success.

We’re a lot more sophisticated in how we consume video today and our viewing habits. We quickly understand whether we’re being sold to. A list of product features and benefits doesn’t always hit the right buttons, in fact, it rarely does.

The power of storytelling puts the audience in a place where they can connect more deeply with your brand or product. It makes the likely to engage and buy from you. Check out this example of a marketing video for Google Search

Yes, this does have pretty high production values, but you’d expect that from a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s the storytelling that is key here and you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money in your video content to get it right. You can tell a story with a simple head and shoulders shot, for instance.

Storytelling is important if you need to get across complex information in a short amount of time. It allows you to show how you solve problems or make peoples lives better without necessarily using a lot of words. The more emotion you can generate and the greater connection you can make, the better your video content marketing will be.

  1. Getting Your Video Strategy Right is Even More Important

So, you’ve made your video. What do you do with it now? You post it on your website, sit back and wait for the sales to rise dramatically. The truth is that your strategy is going to be a lot more complex and nuanced than this. With the vast majority of content set to be video in the future, developing a strong plan for distribution going forward will be vital.

That means having a clear idea what each bit of video content you produce is intended to achieve. It means having all the outlets where you want your video to be seen optimised, whether that’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It also means doing the leg work to better understand your audience and what they are looking for as well as implementing the measurement strategies that will inform you how your video content is performing.

Get these things right and you should expect your video content to be viewed and shared much more and to drive sales and engagement with your main website or business hub. For help with creating your video or to get expert advice on how to ensure it is seen by ‘your people’ talk to Tallboy to find the right fit for your 2019 Video marketing strategy.

Demonstrate Your Positive Business Culture with a Company Video

Demonstrate Your Positive Business Culture with a Company Video

Attracting the best talent is a huge deal for many companies. In a highly competitive recruitment environment, standing out from the crowd has never been so important.

Developing your brand and highlighting the positive culture in your business is one way to make high performers take a closer look. But what’s the best way to grab their attention?

The good news is that company culture videos can make a significant difference to how the outside world perceives your business.

We are Watching More Video

Since the advent of mobile phones, we’ve been watching a lot more video. The reason is pretty easy to see – it’s quick to download and you can watch it anywhere. Video has the potential to deliver you all the information you need in just a few short minutes.

Video can be posted on your main site but also on social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube, increasing its reach. It’s more likely to be shared than any other content and can have the power to influence beyond your initial recruitment process, making people more aware of what your brand stands for.

Getting Across the Emotional Experience

A culture video has something that most written content doesn’t have. It can quickly elicit an emotion and create a connection which works on a deeper level for the audience. It can be used to inspire, motivate and build bridges with top performers, making it more likely they will want to come and work for your company.

It gives your business a personality so that potential recruits can easily see what they are getting before they decide to apply. Beyond specific job advertisements, video will be able to provide you with a steady supply of interested and highly talented individuals.

Put Top Talent in the Boardroom

People may know your brand but what they really want to see is what it’s like to work for you. There’s the opportunity with culture videos to have current members of staff singing your praises. You can show how your business encourages its staff to contribute, how they reward people and work together for success. You can show that you have diverse workforce or provide the latest tools for staff to do their job. People can visualise themselves actually sitting at a desk or around the boardroom table.

Developing Business Culture Company Video: 5 Top Tips

Like most video production, getting it right is the real a challenge. Ideally, you want your culture video to tell a strong story that resonates with the right people. Here are our top tips:

  1. Identify the areas of your company that are going to appeal to top performers and how you are going to represent these on film.
  2. Get existing employees to talk about your business and why you are such a great company to work for. Show the places they work and what sort of office environment you provide.
  3. Show what is new and exciting about your company and where you are planning to go in the future.
  4. Highlight the support you provide for top performers to help develop their careers and what their future could be with your company.
  5. Take a look at your achievements and awards and explain why you are a company that is going somewhere.

Working with a professional production company is worth considering if you are planning to create a business culture video. They’ll be able to work with you to develop the storyline in the preproduction stage and identify areas that are going to be attractive to prospective new employees. Their job is to create a positive perception of your business and all that it has to offer.

Get it right and you should expect to see a dramatic change in your recruitment process, especially when it comes to top performers.