Traditionally in the run up to Christmas, my true love gives me 12 very usual presents involving livestock and minorities. Mindful of health and safety regulations and EU guidelines on the protection of animals, Tallboy decided to give 12 different gifts this year – and show you 12 different ways to film an interview or statement.

We challenged the team to create 12 different looks for the same piece of information – and there’s even a bonus gift with the outtakes!

We will be releasing a new video a day for the next 12 working days. Sit back and enjoy our 12 ways to say Happy Christmas. 

Day 1: The Broad View

This is probably the most popular style of filming an interview. The person being interviewed is usually in their own environment and colour and interest is created in the background by the depth of field. By filming across a desk or table, it adds to the feeling of space and gives the interviewee perspective.

To get the best out of this style of interview, it’s good to be in a larger room that does have some interest or colour. However, it’s a good technique to use in a small, white-painted, minimalist meeting room, as it the perspective of a desk or table can make it look more interesting.

However, there are several things to be aware of when participating in this type of interview. Firstly, if you are the type of person who uses their hands to speak, then make sure you don’t have anything on your wrists or hands that will bang or rattle against the table as you gesture.

Cast a keen eye over the background – even though it may be slightly blurred, look out for confidential information pinned up on the wall or worse, images or objects on desks that don’t fit in with your company’s brand.  That includes any people who may be in the background – you can’t always rely on them to sit still and look like they are working hard!

Watch day two: The View From Above

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