There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful tools for marketing your business. Getting it right should mean that you achieve more sales, develop a strong brand identity and build a relationship with new and existing customers that is beneficial to your bottom line for some time to come.

The key to great service videos is telling a story that resonates with all those potential customers. That’s why storyline should be top of your priorities when planning a video.

  1. Stories Are More Dynamic

You could simply go for a 2-minute features and benefits tutorial, delivered in a rather stodgy and uninspiring way. Add a compelling narrative to your script, however, and you create intrigue and dynamism. And that means viewers are more likely to watch it the whole way through.

  1. It Makes Your Video Personal

We tend to watch stuff that relates to us. Personal approaches create a connection and, once you have that, it’s much easier to encourage customers through your sales funnel and get them to buy.

  1. It’s a Better Way to Explain Your Product or Service

One of the key arts of selling is creating a situation where the customer can imagine themselves using your product or service. Storytelling is the perfect way to do this. Create the perfect characters and situations that customers can relate to and you’re onto a winner.

  1. Potential Customers See Your Product in Action

The possibilities for your customer will vary depending on your product or service. However, showing ordinary people (just like them) using that product should instil a greater sense of desire and need that’s more powerful than many other forms of marketing.

  1. You Stay Focused on Benefits

It’s easy to get hung up on the all the great features that your product may have. The truth is it’s the benefits that are more important when it comes to selling. Storytelling allows you to stay on track and in this respect and deliver the real information customers need – how it’s going to benefit them.

  1. Let the Emotion Shine Through

All good stories have a couple of things in common. Conflict and emotion. If you can get the balance right in your video, you create a powerful message that is difficult to ignore. Emotions can vary from joy, sadness right through to excitement and anticipation but they are all useful in selling your product or service.

  1. It Gives You the Chance to Add Humour

While you can add a few jokes or humour into a straight-laced presentation of your product, it works much better if you deliver it through storytelling. Even if your product is dry and functional, adding a little humour can really bring it to life for potential customers and make your brand stick in their memory.

  1. Throw in Answers to the Most Popular Questions

Storytelling is also a great way to cover those important but frequently asked questions you get from potential customers. Forget the boring list of Q&A’s on your website, turn it into a funky, short video covering all the important points your customers want to know.

  1. Case Studies Work

One of the most popular forms of telling a story in marketing is the case study. These show actual, real people engaging with your product and explain what they get out of it. In video form, this can send a powerful message to potential customers.

  1. It’s More Likely to be Shared

We all like stories. They make the world go around. Service videos that tell a great tale are more likely to viewed all the way through and they are also more likely to be shared on places like social media. That means you can reach a much larger number of people without even trying.