Royal Bank of Canada

The brief:

Royal Bank of Canada’s Investor & Treasury Services approached us to produce a set of interviews with high-level executives within the division.  The production values of these interviews needed to reflect the high standards to which these executives hold themselves to – put simply, they needed to look good!

The Objective:

As a division operating across three different continents, employees mostly knew little about executives and decision-makers from other regions.  The aim of each video was to create a short profile on these executives, where they give an overview of their role & background, what they do on a day-to-day basis, offer career advice to junior colleagues, and talk a bit about their spare time and hobbies.

The challenge:

Many of the executives in the series are based in multiple countries, working across time zones with busy schedules. Time constraints meant that we were not able to capture footage of them at work, home, or interacting with clients, so the audience engagement relies purely on the quality of the content.

The approach:

We produced the videos as talking head interviews, filmed on two cameras.  This gave us flexibility in post-production to seamlessly cut sections and the odd hesitation out of the final edit, keeping the final interview as streamlined as possible.

What was the distribution strategy?

Each new interview was published via the RBC intranet, with accompanying French & English transcript.  The video going live was announced by a mail-out to all employees, as well as a notice on the intranet homepage.

The result:

The series has been extremely well received by both regular and high-level employees across all regions of the I&TS division.   From the original four videos filmed in the UK, we have now produced over fifteen, filmed in Toronto, Hong Kong and Luxembourg.