Tips to keep your business moving

Tips to keep your business moving

As we all enter new phases of restrictions, businesses have to reconsider their operations in light of new needs. This new standard will look different for everyone, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to returning to business. But whether you’re a small business right up to a global corporation, video is a vital part of staying operational right now. 

Here are five tips on how to keep your business going right now.

1. Be willing to pivot

It’s always important as a business to be adaptive in uncertain times, and in these times, it’s more crucial than ever to think acutely about your audience and customer needs. Make sure you’re offering services and products that are most useful to them — even if you are running a limited operation at the moment.

If you are planning a few more months of staying remote, use video to announce your latest venture, thought leadership insights, or communicate your new policies for safe transactions. Let your audience know how you are adapting to the ‘new normal’. 

2. Engage with your audience

This is a perfect time to let your audience lead and let your business tactics follow. Use this opportunity to poll your customers and find out what questions you might be able to answer right now. Or even create and send them a personal video message.

3. Give status updates

Whether you’re preparing to reopen or still building out your virtual presence, it’s crucial to let your audience know where you stand. If you’re gearing up for a brick and mortar reopening, consider making a video made for sharing what steps you’re taking to keep your customers safe, and let them know what to expect when they return. 

4. Learn video marketing basics 

When it comes to video marketing, even the smallest strategic steps can make a difference. Know your peak posting times — Thursday and Friday afternoons are best for Facebook sharing while hitting Twitter on Monday mornings should give your content the best chance at grabbing maximum eyeballs. 

5. Just get started

I get it — starting a new venture or changing up your practices during this time is daunting. “A lot of people are going to suffer from paralysis analysis — they’re going to overthink it,” says Clayshare co-founder Kevin Phillips. “Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect. Just get on there and do something to provide benefit to your audience. They’re going to appreciate the fact that you did this for them to help them through this situation.”

Share your knowledge with your customer base and provide them with videos to help make them succeed right now, whether that’s sharing tips on how to reopen or helping your people to stay sane and healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about holding a virtual event or just want to share a quick social media post, video can help you keep things in motion while you figure out the rest. 

Thank you Aubrey Page from Vimeo for the inspiration of this blog post. 

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Top Ways to Convert Leads Using Videos

Top Ways to Convert Leads Using Videos

Video has a proven track record when it comes to marketing – conversion rates can increase by up by 4/5th when a video is used.  It is an excellent way to showcase your business, to attract customers but also to get some of that brand personality across.  But not all videos are equally successful so how do you choose where to use video and what types to use that are most likely to convert those leads?

Landing page videos

Landing pages are a crucial part of marketing, the single purpose page that you send people to with a very specific aim – usually to buy something, sign up for something or leave their contact information.

A lot of time and effort goes into making a landing page, but it is also a great place to add a video.  That’s because people are prone to scrolling through text at a rapid pace and not always reading all that carefully crafted content.  But a video stops their attention and makes them pause.

Not only that but our brains process images 60,000 times quicker than text.  So, when you use a visual medium like video to get a message across, people take it in far quicker.  And that means a better chance they will react to what they learned.

Videos featuring lead capture forms

A recent clever development is the ability to add a lead capture form to a video.  There is specialist software that can help with this and the results are strong.  Added to the first 20% of a video, it converts at around 40%.

So, with this type of video, you have a compelling introduction then immediately offer them a way to sign up for whatever you are offering.  Then you can use the rest of the video to capture the people who didn’t opt-in immediately, offering them more information and social proof to help them make the choice.

Video testimonials

A type of video that can be used in lots of places is a video testimonial and it is well worth looking to get clients to create these.  They have a greater impact than a written testimonial and have the added benefit of making people stop scrolling to see what the video is about.

These testimonials don’t need to be long or complicated.  In fact, quick and simple ones are ideal.  You can then use them on landing or sales pages, on social media or even in with other types of content where relevant.

Many uses of video

These are just three examples of where you can use video and what types you can utilise.  But don’t stop there.  Every type of video has its place from fun shots of what the office is like to explainer videos that work on social media to explain how something works or what its benefits are.  You can also repurpose content, creating a video from a blog post or even a podcast from a video.  This means you catch more people and increase the chances of converting them by offering content in their favourite medium.

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