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How to write a video production brief

by content on Feb. 03, 2011

The brief is the document you give to the video production company telling them what you want in your video. Think of it as a cross between a manifesto and a shopping list. Divide it into content (what messages, who do you want to appear, who is your audience, what do you want them to take away) and visuals (what you want the audience to see, how you want the video to look and feel).  Give as much information as you can – for example, if you love the opening sequence on Top Gear, explain that is the kind of look you want. Then give some guidance on logistics – is the location you want filmed only available on a Thursday, for example? An indication of budget is helpful.  Finally, outline your timescale. The brief is not a stand-alone document, but it should be a very useful reference during the whole production process. Writing a brief 

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